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Adeline's Papercrafts

ADELINE'S PAPERCRAFTS is a sister shop to Adeline's Mystic Earth. All junk journals are made by our founder, Regina, who has a passion for all things paper and journaling (as well as crystals).

Adeline's Papercrafts' goal is to provide upcycled, creative journals that can be used everyday in a fun and relaxing way. 

What are Junk Journals?

Junk Journals were originally created using junk or other items already on hand. Using junk mail, packaging, scraps, odds and ends paper and textiles allowed one to be creative and continue journaling in times of economic downturn.

Those reasons carryforward into today. Now the everyday is often blended with the new as people put value on upcycling while also not being limited to only recycled materials.

Purpose/How to use?

An open ended reflection journal for thoughts, images, quotes, or art that captures your moods, thoughts, hopes, life events or anything else that you may want to memorialize on a periodic basis.


Have them shipped to your home or choose local pickup at checkout! You can schedule to pickup your order at Bhavana Yoga Studio in Sarasota, Florida.

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