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We offer a variety of services that are intended to complement your healing journey and enhance your daily living, guide you through your crystal journey, set up your sacred spaces, and even cleanse your home/office for you.

Summary of Services

  • Integral Sound Healing and Sound Journeys
  • Biomat Bliss Sessions
  • Advanced Crystal Energy Sessions
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Home/Office Cleansing and Energy Work
  • Individual Crystal Selection and Guidance

Currently sound healing and other services are being offered on varying days and times. Our appointment schedule is updated approximately 30 days or more in advance. Contact us via text or email if you don't see a date/time or service your are looking for.

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More information on services below.


Crystal Consultation

Through an in-person or remote consultation, we guide you to the crystals that best suit your needs and answer any questions that you have. A consultation is also useful for customized crystal grids as we gain insights to choose crystals that make your grid unique to you.

These sessions are by appointment only. You can purchase your Crystal Consultation by clicking here. Crystal consultations are non-refundable, so please be sure this is right for you before purchasing. If you have questions before booking, please text, call, email or use the contact form.


Home/Office Services

The energy in your home or office can contribute to your overall wellbeing. A cleansed and positive space is foundational to all energy-work and is frequently overlooked.

Your home should be an energetic sanctuary where you are safe to unwind and disassemble knowing you have a sacred space that is protective and supportive. This may seem overwhelming, but often there are straightforward tools to transform your space into the sanctuary you desire.

We can also assist you in boosting certain energetic aspects of your home such as self-love/love, abundance, an entryway cleanser, electromagnetic field reduction, etc.

New Spaces

Just moved, building a home, or moving to a new office space? We perform sacred space cleansing and gridding to set the new spaces. Why not cleanse and protect your sacred space from the start?

Negative Disruptions

Occasionally your home can attract dark or mischievous spirits/energies that require additional cleansing and protection. Your home or business/office may have high traffic with energy coming in that you can’t control. In either situation, we assist you in potentially lessening the impact of these energies by working with you to cleanse and protect your sacred space.

This can be more involved than basic home/office gridding as each situation is quite unique. Additional consultation time may be necessary as more detailed information will often be required.

Learning about your unique situation

Each Sacred Space Session includes a 10-20 min phone or video consultation. This preliminary discussion allows us to gain an understanding of your situation. Additional information and follow up consultations may be necessary. 

Sessions are by appointment only. To purchase your session click here. Services fees are non-refundable, so please be sure this is right for you before purchasing. If you have questions before booking, please text, call, email or use the contact form.