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Fall Equinox and the Energy that Surrounds It

Fall Equinox and the Energy that Surrounds It

Welcome October!

As we move past the Fall Equinox and nights become longer, we enter a new season or phase of the year. Not only in the weather, but also on a personal level. Our energy shifts from light to dark, yang to yin, sun to moon.

This shift slows us down and turns us inward, providing an ideal time to look deep into ourselves and let go of what no longer serves us. Delving into shadow work is also optimal during this season and particularly in October.

Unfamiliar with shadow work?

Shadow work looks at the parts of you (the “shadow” or “shadow self”) that remain hidden due to trauma, shame or because those traits or behaviors are considered negative or unacceptable to yourself or society.

Shadow work puts us in touch with the shadow, gaining understanding and compassion and what positives can be gained from the shadow to allow for healing and growth.

Crystals can complement this introspective season, whether it be through reflection or deeper shadow work.


A few suggested crystals are below, but know that what each person needs could be vastly different. We encourage you to trust your instincts and use what you are drawn to:

  • Black Obsidian is considered the mirror into the soul helping to reveal inner truths.
  • Garnet promotes emotional healing as it quiets chaos enabling one to see through it.
  • Selenite plays an important role in clearing released energies and letting go of memories and connections that no longer serve us. Ideal for use after perform shadow work.
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