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All About Worry Stones: Nature's Fidget Device

All About Worry Stones: Nature's Fidget Device


Worry stones, or thumb stones as they are often referred to due to the groove that perfectly fits your thumb, are natural fidget devices.

Rubbing your thumb in the groove for several minutes is known to reduce stress and anxiety. That’s partly the power of reflexology through points in the thumb. There is also something so soothing to the nerves about moving your thumb back and forth over a crystal and one that perfectly fits your thumb is almost perfection!


To fine tune the vibrational healing, select a worry stone made of a specific crystal best suited to your needs. We’ve listed a few below as a guide:

  • Red Jasper for vitality which is beneficial post surgery and during illness recovery
  • Sodalite can ease anxiety attacks
  • Labradorite to ease the stress of travel or life transitions
  • Amethyst soothes an overactive mind and eases insomnia
  • Clear Quartz for overall universal healing energy

You can learn more about specific worry stones and shop worry stones here


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