Third Eye Chakra Kit
Third Eye Chakra Kit
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Third Eye Chakra Kit

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The Third Eye Chakra is said to be the command center for intuition and wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra Kit includes:

1 Essential oil roller
1 Palo Santo stick
1 Lapis Lazuli tumble
Instructions on how to use

Essential Oil roller includes Black Obsidian with Rosemary and Frankincense essential oils in fractionated coconut oil.

About the Crystals

  • Black Obsidian encourages your third eye to embrace its wisdom. It removes toxic vibes allowing you to see your deeper truth. It expands consciousness in the meditative state.

  • Lapis Lazuli allows you to tap into your visionary power leading to enhanced problem solving through your deepest intellect and intuitive abilities. It is the stone of total awareness.

 All crystals are cleansed and charged prior to shipment to you.

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