Essentials Cleansing at Home/Office
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Essentials Cleansing at Home/Office

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The energy in your home or office can contribute to your overall wellbeing. A cleansed and positive space is foundational to all energy-work and is frequently overlooked.

Your home should be an energetic sanctuary where you are safe to unwind and disassemble knowing you have a sacred space that is protective and supportive. This may seem overwhelming, but often there are straightforward tools to transform your space into the sanctuary you desire.

Essentials is our entry level cleansing. 

Essentials Cleansing Session

  • 10-min phone or video consultation
  • 60-min in-home/in-office cleansing
  • Some crystals are included based upon need, but additional cost may be discussed

One of the following options covered

  • Setting up sacred space in one (1) specific room (if multiple rooms or floors are needed, see Elevate Your Home service)
  • Home perimeter protection
  • Breaking ground on building home
  • New home/apartment/office cleansing
  • Basic needs cleansing of home
  • More may apply upon discussion

Upon booking an appointment,  you will be invoiced for a $25 deposit. This deposit secures your appointment and will be applied to your service. Deposit is forfeited if changes or cancellations are not made within 24 hours of appointment.

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