About Adeline's Mystic Earth

Adeline's Mystic Earth was founded by Regina, a Master Crystal Specialist and Teacher. She's been in-tune with universal energy throughout her life and recognized a natural connection to crystals over 30 years ago. What started as a collection of crystals that she was drawn to, turned into an undeniable connection to their vibrational energy. Regina soon began incorporating crystals into her everyday life and that of her daughter's as they wore crystal pendants, carried them in their pockets, placed them around the home, and meditated with them. Crystals have such beautiful knowledge to share and she was ready to listen and receive.

While crystals come in all shapes and sizes, tumbles and handheld stones have always held a special place in Regina's heart for their practical everyday applications. She reserves large chunks and display pieces for the home and community spaces.

Regina looks forward to guiding you on your crystal journey by sharing the crystals' wisdom with all that are ready to receive.

Regina is an Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church.